Father's Day Event, Debenhams, Trafford Centre

Pebble Beach, Lone Cypress

Thank you to everyone for supporting our Debenhams Event on 16th and 17th June, and finding us when we 'moved house' around the corner from 'Home', to set up in the Lingerie Department, with a little more space. It took me back to my Manchester market days all over again; loading up the car and cages with all my work. Everyone at Debenhams was helpful with my set up & there was a great shopping vibe in the air, with Eid celebrations happening throughout the Trafford Centre, as well as the summer sales hitting the shop floor.

The Lone Cypress oil painting found it's new home this weekend, and seemingly the minute it was collected, it was up in its new spot!

My client sent me this beautiful photo of it in situ, in her stunning Family Room, what a beautiful fireplace! Surrounded by warm earthy colours, the rugged coastline painting completes her beach vibe, together with the lantern, candles & basket of log fire wood.

Bronze-gold, and a pop of lemon yellow alongside beachy chevron cushions (I love a clean chevron weave!) make this the cosiest corner to snuggle up with a good book.

This particular painting helped my client revisit memories of a road trip she took with her husband across America. With their 19th anniversary approaching, it seemed to fit that this gift would be a mutual celebration of that journey, and their marriage. I am so pleased it has gone to such an inviting family home.

Special Event 20% Off Originals!

It was great to see lots of interest in the different techniques used in my work, so I happily talked people through my materials, processes and where I buy these amazing materials; namely www.fredaldous.co.uk

The feedback on the quality of my Giclee Fine Art prints was really positive when comparing them to the originals on display! I feel lucky to have found a printer with so much knowledge.

Loading up and packing down was easy with a super cage trolley!
Father's Day Cards & Oil, Bronze & Resin Paintings

Introducing new customers of all ages to www.craftanddesign.com is a pleasure, after all, we are only a stones-throw away from the city centre Debenhams, in the arty Northern Quarter. High Street department stores and boutiquey independents within five minutes walk! A big thanks to Helen from Debenhams for this opportunity.